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RIF Cash

What is RIF Cash?

RIF Cash is a virtual currency system that is earned by users of the community. It helps and encourages them to participate in meaningful discussions and post engaging content in our community.

The idea behind RIF Cash is to promote a sense of community and engagement among the users while providing them with tangible benefits for their contributions. It's also a way to reward valuable and active members of the community. This can help to increase engagement and user retention as well as promoting the growth of the community and it's platform. As a result, RIF Cash creates an interactive community atmosphere where people from around the world can come together to discuss topics of common interest and be rewarded for their efforts.

How do you earn RIF Cash?

Users can mostly earn RIF Cash by taking part in our community, such as creating content that is informative and valuable, as well as many other actions within the community

The following tasks will generate RIF Cash for you:
  • Creating threads
  • Posting replies
  • Winning the lottery
  • Winning contests
  • Trading in the market
  • Earning content awards
The currency allows members to show appreciation for every thoughtful contribution, rewarding those that put forth quality work.

What can RIF Cash be used on?

Members can then use their RIF Cash to purchase special items and services, premium features, products from our shop, redeem for rewards, or even be used as a form of payment. However, the most used feature for RIF Cash is the withdraw feature. This allows you to withdraw your RIF Cash to your PayPal account or Bitcoin address.

You can see a complete breakdown of how much you make per post and thread by visiting our help section.

Our Terms & Conditions, Information & Guidelines:
  • Members must not create fake profiles on Referral Index Forum in an attempt to defraud us.
  • Posts must not be considered spam, gibberish, or violate our Acceptable Content Policy.
  • We reserve the right to adjust your point balance at any given time, for any given reason, within reason.
  • Users must refrain from using any type of exploits, bugs, or glitches to their advantage. We ask that you private message the administration team if this happens, so the issue can be rectified.

Withdrawing RIF Cash

We are pleased to offer all members, including staff the ability to convert their hard-earned RIF Cash into Cash, Crypto or Amazon Gift Cards. In order to withdraw, please head over to our Withdraw Page and fill out the payment option you want to use. Once the request is made, your payment will be sent, subject to review.

Current Rate
1.00 RIF Cash = $1.00 USD

Information & Guidelines
  • We have a minimum Cashout of $5.00 for PayPal and Amazon Gift Cardsand
  • We have a minimum Cashout of $10.00 for Bitcoin
  • Payments will be sent by the option you selected in the Withdraw Page.

Potential Moderation Actions Causing Deductions

Deletion of content or other certain moderation events that deduct your RIF Cash, could be for one of a few different reasons:
  1. Inappropriate content, behavior, language, spam, and posting in the wrong sections will get you warning points.
  2. We have a strict policy against plagiarism and we regularly check to see if messages have been copied from other sources. Any Plagiarism found, the offending user will be banned immediately without warning.
  3. We kindly ask that you speak in English and if you don't speak this language, we request that you install a translator in your web-browser.

General Questions and Answers

Why am I not getting credited for my replies or topics?
While you can post as much as you want, we have a daily limit of 1.050 RIF Cash that you can earn from on an daily basis. If you are having issues with no crediting, you may be over your daily posting limit. If in doubt, you can refer to the Daily RIF Cash Earned Widget, located in the sidebar on the right hand side of the page on desktop, or in the widget area below the content, in mobile.

If you are still unsure, or if you still believe you aren't being credited, feel free to post a support topic in the Members Affairs Board.

I did post in the crediting boards, and am still not getting credited.
In order for your replies and threads to credit, you need to write up your content to include a reasonable amount of words to help promote discussion. This word minimum to gain RIF Cash, may be altered at any time, so please come back to this page to get reference every now and then, or by checking the Website News and Events Board for any recent changes.

Which days are withdraw payments sent out on?
We send out payment requests as we receive them, and verify there are no issues. Generally, they will be sent within 48 hours of your request. This is so that payments requests have the time to be looked over. If there is a delay longer than that, you can check in the Website News and Events board for any potential delays in payments, or you can submit a support ticket in the Members Affairs Board.

How do you transfer RIF Cash, in order to withdraw?
If you have RIF Cash, you do not need to transfer your earned credits to withdraw out. There is nothing else for you, that you need to do. BUT, if you have our earning credits that are given by posting around the forum, Click on your RIF Balance, and when the pop up menu shows up, click on transfer, and enter the amount of RIF Cash you want to Transfer. Conversion rates are 1 for 1. So for every whole number you have, you get that same exact amount in RIF Cash.

What are the instructions to Withdraw?
First, click on "RIF.Cash" in the navigation menu at the top of the page. Then, click on the image that states "Withdraw". After that, you will be in our withdraw section. If you haven't added a withdraw wallet type yet, click on"My Wallets", then click on the green button in the right hand corner that states "Add Wallet", and then fill in the info requested for the type of withdraw you want to do. PayPal and Bitcoin is available to use here. When you are ready to withdraw after having a wallet put in, click on "Request Withdraw" in the "My Withdraws" page, and you will be prompted for your payment type, and how much you want. Fill that out, and click on submit.

How do I verify my account, to be able to earn from posting?
If you register and verify any and all information in your account (including your email), you can begin posting at any time. We have no required steps for you to do, other than to complete your registration process to make sure your account is active.