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Search results

  1. Sanjee

    Websites Like Mylot that pay in crypto

    I don't know any such site. I am always interested to join the site which pays through PayPal.
  2. Sanjee

    Online or offline work?

    I prefer an offline job because I am not a skilled writer so I know I may not be able to survive with the earnings of my online work. But if I can earn equivalent of an offline job through online sites I will prefer to work online only.
  3. Sanjee

    My cash out is here

    That's is nice way to motivate people to participate in the forums and to teach threshold as early as possible.
  4. Sanjee

    New site making a dollar per day

    Tell me your user name there I will respond to your post always. Sometimes I get lots of responses and sometimes I don't.
  5. Sanjee

    Begging for money online

    Begging is the easiest way to earn money but that's the toughest work to do because that's not a respectable way as people abuse you when you go and ask for elms from the people
  6. Sanjee

    My cash out is here

    Oh that's fine. That's is we ask for the cash out?
  7. Sanjee

    New site making a dollar per day

    I have earned maximum of $1.5 a day on mylot but that was because I interacted a lot that day with the members there.
  8. Sanjee

    Chit Chat Thread

    I am feeling cold, will go to bed early today.
  9. Sanjee

    New site making a dollar per day

    I am not on any site except Mylot, RIF and BMF. I am not much active on mylot and BMF these days but spend my most of time here. I would happy to know sites from which I may be able to earn $1/day.
  10. Sanjee

    My cash out is here

    What is a bonus? Congrats for getting paid.
  11. Sanjee

    Begging for money online

    Yes, I see ads where people ask for medical treatment for their kids. The ads on sites are so appealing that you can skip the ad without paying for them.
  12. Sanjee

    Do you like websites that have very high threshold?

    That is one of the reasons I don't work on BMF as it has a high threshold. It's always risky to work on such sites as you don't know when they close their site or bans you.
  13. Sanjee

    Begging for money online

    That's a surprise for me. Beggars are everywhere but I never thought that they could be online too. How do they beg online?. Clicking on the link is not paying them?
  14. Sanjee

    Is it popular to sell Newspapers?

    It's not a popular business not when the trend of reading newspapers is decreasing. I don't think people buy them these days. I also don't see the newspaper sellers much on the road.
  15. Sanjee


    Yes, I am also on mylot for the last 12 years. It is a good site and is one of the oldest site I have been using. You won't be able to recognise me there because I have a different user name there.
  16. Sanjee

    Can you Keep Funds In your PayPal?

    As I don't want to get paid through cryptocurrency so for me PayPal is the best processor.
  17. Sanjee


    I have heard about this site on forum sites but have never tried it. People say that it's a slow-earning app and it takes months to cash out from it.
  18. Sanjee

    Way to Make $10 a day?

    Is it possible to earn $10 /day from the sites? I don't know if it is possible. I would also want to know if we can do it. I have read people earn a good amount from blogs.
  19. Sanjee

    Any legit site that can earn us, btc or ethereum and pays well and goes directly to our wallet?

    I have registered on cashrain but not being to earn from it. Please let me know from where to start.
  20. Sanjee

    Are you crazy to see the celebrities?

    So you had a studio? You must have seen several celebrities then. I used to see them in my school as they used to invite many celebrities to the annual function.