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  1. Devin

    Feedback Threads still removed with no reasons

    I am locking this thread to prohibit future discussion on the matter. Those who have questions about content being deleted, please send me a message with any information you can provide (thread title, URL, etc) and I’ll review as soon as I have time to do so.
  2. Devin

    Best Platform to Create Dropshipping

    This is an excellent question. When it comes to dropshipping and the best platform(s) to use, I would say that it really depends on what you are trying to accomplish. Would you be selling a specific niche of items, or multiple niches? How many items do you plan to sell? What type of shop...
  3. Devin

    Piggy bank

    I don't necessarily have a "piggy bank" but I do have two separate coin jars. One I use for nickels, dimes, and quarters, whereas the other I use for pennies. My nickels, dimes, and quarters jar is nearly filled. As for the rule you mentioned about saving $1 the first day, $2 the next, $3 the...
  4. Devin

    Question Did payout threshold for bitcoin increased

    Hello! Yes, the Bitcoin minimum cashout amount was increased from $5 to $10 due to the Bitcoin processing fees and charges. At the $5 minimum withdrawal amount most of the funds from the $5 amount were going directly to fees. The $10 threshold is a better adjustment and will work out better with...
  5. Devin

    Question Word counter in comment box doesnt work.

    The thread is now closed.
  6. Devin

    Free Forum Hosting

    This appears to be a unique and interesting offer. I wish you the best of luck with it and hopefully, this will get some new content coming your way. Thank you for sharing!
  7. Devin

    Can I post referral links on RIF?

    I'm seeing various answers and discussions to this question. So I will give an official answer. 1. Yes, referral links are allowed, you can post the website that you are advertising in the advertisement section of the forums. Make sure that you are explaining what you are advertising and not...
  8. Devin

    Balance not increasing for account

    Jordan has answered this question in great detail. I am moving this thread to the archives.
  9. Devin

    Suggestion If we could know how old is a thread?

    I believe this question has been answered and no further discussion/comments are necessary. With this being said, I am going to lock this thread and move it to the archives.
  10. Devin

    Question Word counter in comment box doesnt work.

    If you are experiencing the issue on your mobile device and you have tried various browsers and have yet to find a resolution, it's probably due to your phone model. Some features may not be supported if you have an older model phone. Are you still having issues? If we do not receive a response...
  11. Devin

    What is spamming in Referral index forum

    I believe Joshua has provided a pretty decent answer to your question. I'm locking this thread and moving it to the archives. If you have any other questions or concerns in regard to your content being removed/deleted, please reach out to a staff member via private messaging for further...
  12. Devin

    Payment still not received

    Hello! We have received your withdrawal request. If you request a cashout on the weekends, you can expect to have a delay. Most, if not all payments are processed during the weekdays due to Jordan and I being unavailable for transactions on the weekends. We will process your payment as soon as...
  13. Devin

    Question Post deletion.

    I was able to locate them, I am sending you a personal message with feedback regarding both post deletions. With that being said, I am going to close this thread, if you require further assistance please respond to the PM I send you.
  14. Devin

    Question Post deletion.

    I will search through and see what I can find out once I get time here in a little bit. With that being said, do you remember the thread title or thread URL’s in which your posts were deleted? This will make the search easier.
  15. Devin

    Jan-2023 Payment Proof - $103

    Congratulations, that's some serious cash!
  16. Devin

    I see no more Cashout Proofs Shown here in RIF

    This thread is being locked. There isn't a particular section for this post to go in, but this forum section is for cash-out proof and this doesn't meet the criteria to remain an open discussion here in this forum section.
  17. Devin

    Waiting for my RIF Reward month of November

    According to the supplier it should be delivered on or by January 29!
  18. Devin

    I don’t feel well. 🤒

    I don’t feel well. 🤒
  19. Devin

    Is Billboard advertising really worth it?

    I’m sure the results could vary from country to country and from what you’re trying to advertise. However, here in the United States, it appears as if billboard advertising is very effective. I know billboards in my local area run around $1000 to $2500 per month. Depending on the type of...
  20. Devin

    What is the Most Profitable Niche

    That is very interesting. This would probably explain why when I'm attempting to search for cheaper insurance rates, I'm always directed to a third-party website, I enter in my information, and then I'm given like 10 different insurance company options to choose from and directed to. If I knew...