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  1. SHAHID987

    Making money on Facebook

    Be aware when you try to monetize Facebook while you are trying to get money through affiliate marketing as not to place products link directly here but first make a landing page or website then use it.
  2. SHAHID987

    Have you tried mining?

    I tried it three times and I feel better not to mention website name but actually I lost there as after all I get nothing but my smart phone battery was effected.
  3. SHAHID987

    Can I earn money from used products online?

    It is one of the best source of income for me I sold so many used products online in relatively good rates as compare to if I would have to sell it offline. Like when I was trying to sell my vacuum cleaner offline the shopkeepers were giving very less price for that while when I sold it online...
  4. SHAHID987

    Why do you want to conduct business?

    I am doing business because I have interest in it and I think that it should be the basic criteria to start a business as you do have interest in it then secondary factor like money will automatically comes in it.
  5. SHAHID987

    What steps should one take to start a successful business?

    Identify a need in the market. Conduct market research and validate the business idea. Create a business plan and set goals. Secure funding, if needed Choose and register your business structure. Obtain necessary licenses and permits. Build a network and establish partnerships. Set up operations...
  6. SHAHID987

    Strategies for Increasing Profits

    There are so many strategies to increase profit as to reduce your product cost when people will get their demanded products in less amount they'll definitely purchase from you so number of customers increase and finally the overall sale will increase and thus the overall profit will also increase.
  7. SHAHID987

    How to identify fake transfer and alert.

    Nowadays don't believe on phone calls personally go to your bank and ask about your account balance because I have seen that people make fake phone calls from registered bank's landline numbers as they may connect their pin into phone wire.
  8. SHAHID987

    Why you should do market research as a business person.

    Market research plays very important role specially for businessman because one should know all about the market and it's trend plus they must be aware about their competitors.
  9. SHAHID987

    Do you want to be a freelancer?

    In freelance work the major problem which I face as I didn't get work. In upwork I applied and applied but result was zero in freelance I give bid and bid but didn't get work, so how long a person wait to get work.
  10. SHAHID987

    Have you tried out food delivery services?

    Food delivery services remain good earning source in online as well as offline. Here I see so many people involved in it, I did it in association with bikes partner and my experience was good with it as it is a sort of interesting work. Sometimes people give tips too.
  11. SHAHID987

    Why you need to build rapport with customers as a sales agent.

    Building relationship with customer is essential requirement for good and long lasting sale. I remember when I was working in gsk in sales we need to develop good relationship with our customers for this we used to conduct different activities too.
  12. SHAHID987

    Urgency Creation as a Sales Strategy

    A seller creates a sense of urgency or scarcity in the mind of the customer, so that they feel motivated to make a purchase immediately. This can be done through various means such as limited-time offers, limited stock availability, and using persuasive language to highlight the benefits of...
  13. SHAHID987

    How do you deal with "power trippers" in the workplace?

    Here are some tips to deal with "power trippers" in the workplace Set clear boundaries Communicate what is and isn't acceptable behavior from the start Stay professional Avoid engaging in personal arguments and maintain a calm demeanor. Document interactions Keep a record of any incidents for...
  14. SHAHID987

    Personalized Experience for a beauty product to an older person.

    Focus on anti-aging benefits: Highlight the product's ability to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improve skin texture, and enhance skin firmness. Emphasize gentle formulas: Older skin may be more delicate and sensitive, so it's important to choose products that are...
  15. SHAHID987

    Showcasing Benefits as a sales strategy.

    Demonstrate the benefits Use visual aids, such as product demonstrations or simulations, to help the customer see the benefits of your product or service. Highlight unique benefits: If your product or service offers unique benefits that competitors do not, make sure to highlight these to...
  16. SHAHID987

    Are you a blogger of this legit site: FUND FOR WRITERS?

    I also signup in it but loose interest of doing work. Exactly what was the reason I din't remember but nowadays I am receiving too many mails from the site. Basically we all have some limited time to work online and some people choose to only work in forums.
  17. SHAHID987

    Is sex appeal important in business?

    These types is strategies don't last longer if one is focusing on it then how long he/she will be able to maintain it. Rather if we focus on quality items and polite dealing then we get long lasting customers.
  18. SHAHID987

    How can I improve my tutorial business?

    Take command on one subject as 9th grade Biology and then arrange at least 10 students per class, if one student will give just 20$ month then you'll get 200$ a month just for 1 hour teaching .
  19. SHAHID987

    Online earnings this week

    15$ a week seems to be good amount and if we calculate it on monthly basis then it will become 60$ it means you are earning 2$ a day. Although here almost all of us has the target to earn at least 5$ a day but it is very difficult to earn this amount from forums.
  20. SHAHID987

    What is the latest version of your website?

    I am still using blogger it is so simple and there are a lot of features present in it. What we almost required we can get in it. It is google friendly too.