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8 Effective Ways to Monetize Your Blog

Blogging can be a great way to connect with others and share your knowledge and experiences. However, once you’ve established your blog and built up a following, monetizing the blog can be a great way to turn your hobby into a profitable business or earn some extra cash in your spare time.

Here are 8 effective ways to monetize your blog:

1. Use Affiliate Marketing​

If you’ve been blogging for a while and want to increase your income, affiliate marketing can be the first great step to do that. Affiliate marketing is a type of advertisement where a business will reward you for each visitor or customer brought to them by your unique affiliate links. When people click on an affiliate link from your blog and make a purchase, you’ll earn a commission. Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money blogging because you don’t have to create your own products or do any of the work involved in getting them sold.

Affiliate programs offer commission rates you earn on a per-purchase basis. For example, if you write about electronic devices, you might get a commission every time someone clicks through one of your links and buys an electronic device (like an iPhone case) from the site you linked them to. The amount you can make is usually based on how much of your audience actually buys something after clicking through. Keep in mind, not all affiliate marketing requires purchases from the end user.

2. Take Advantage of Google AdSense​

Companies that want to reach customers who visit your site pay for the ads that run on your site. This can be an effective form of monetization because you don’t have to do any extra work, and the money earned from these ads will usually pay for the cost of running the site. Google AdSense is one of the most popular ways to place ads on your website. Google AdSense is the most popular network for both advertisers and publishers, and it is one of the highest-paying networks currently available. Google AdSense is free to get started and should easily allow you to earn from your blog by displaying ads from advertisers.

You don’t have to do anything more than add the code provided by Google into your website for the ads to appear. The ads will appear based on what content you’re publishing at the time—meaning that if people are reading your posts about travel, they’ll see ads that are relevant not only to what they’re looking at but also to what they may use in the future.

3. Publish Sponsored Content​

Sponsored content, sometimes called sponsored posts is a type of advertising in which a company will pay you to publish an article on your blog that promotes the company's service or products. This allows the company to reach a targeted audience and as such, you can charge them a fee to do so. The key with sponsored content is that it needs to be high quality and useful—it’s not enough to slap an advertisement in there somewhere. It should fit into the flow of the rest of your content and be genuinely interesting as well as informative. In exchange for a fee, you’ll be able to show off your expertise on a particular topic while treating yourself (or funding future endeavors). So it’s an effective method of monetizing your blog that can pay off big time.

4. Sell Digital Products​

One of the easiest ways to monetize your blog is through selling digital products. You can do this by creating e-books, online courses, or software. If you don’t think that you have enough expertise to create a full course, there are ways to make money by simply selling shorter e-books like guides. These types of products can be sold online or on your own website. What products you should sell should really depend on the niche your blog represents. Some of the most popular digital products, but not limited to include;
  • e-Books
  • Online courses
  • Software and apps
  • Pintable's
  • Virtual events or webinars
Now, this, of course, is without its own work. If you're going to sell something, make sure it's of quality content. The first step to starting an e-book or online course is to develop an outline for what it will contain. Choose topics that relate to your niche and include information that will be useful for people who visit your site regularly. Make sure that the content is organized into a logical progression and makes sense for those reading it.

5. Offer Coaching or Consulting Services​

Another option is to offer coaching or consulting services. In this scheme, you provide personalized advice on whatever issues your readers are facing related to your niche. It’s best if you have a lot of expertise in the field that you’re blogging about. For example, if you’re writing about food and providing recipes, you should be able to give advice on nutrition (if that’s relevant to your audience) as well as cooking techniques or shopping advice for ingredients.

If you are having a hard time finding clients to coach, try offering some free consultations to allow potential customers to get an idea of what you're offering, and what they can expect in your service.

6. Accept Donations​

Another way to earn money from your blog is through donations. Many bloggers choose this option because they feel that this gives them freedom in what they can write about. If people donate, it means that they enjoy reading the blog enough that they’re willing to give some cash in return for the content you produce.

A donation button is usually added to your website using PayPal’s donation buttons. All you have to do is create a personal account and follow their instructions on how to add the button to your website. PayPal will allow you to customize your button and even add images. Not only that, but you get to decide the amount of money you want people to donate as well as if they will receive any perks for donating more money.

Keep in mind, it's crucial to be open and transparent about how donations will be used so that your readers have a clear understanding of where their money is going. Most donations go towards the upkeep of the website.

7. Offer a Paid Membership​

If you’ve spent time building an engaged community on your site, offering paid memberships can be another great way to make money from your blog. Having a paid membership option allows you to give access to content that you don’t share freely on your website or blog. For example, you can release exclusive videos, articles, or anything else you may not want just anyone seeing for free on your site.

An example of this is here at RIF. We have a premium membership service that offers exclusive perks to our members. These perks include special profile cosmetics, an ad-free experience, private access to exclusive content and forums, and more.
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8. Leverage Email Marketing​

One of the most effective ways to make money is through email marketing. If you have an engaged readership on your blog, there’s no better way than by sending out newsletters. The key is in how you do it. If you simply send out emails with products and services, you’ll likely find that many people will unsubscribe because they don’t want to be inundated with spam.

Offer something valuable, like free tips and advice on how to use certain products and services or how to get the most out of them. People are much more willing to open emails that provide helpful information and advice than emails from companies or individuals who simply promote their services or products.

In conclusion

Running a blog that gets regular traffic is great. It’s amazing to see the effect you can have on other people and how one person’s story can change someone else’s life. The problem with this, however, is that while it’s great to have a strong audience and the attention of many people, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll ever be able to make any money off of it.

Fortunately, there are ways you can make decent money from your blog. However, it’s important to note that when monetizing your blog, what works for one blog owner won’t necessarily work for another. So I hope you can at least utilize some of the options and tips I have provided above.
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One of the best way of earning is blogging, but the question remain here as how to monetize our blogs, I personally have many blogs but still I was not aware of these ways of earning through a blog. I was just using to monetize my blogs through affiliate marketing now after going through above post I get sound knowledge about it and immediately I will start using it.
This is a very informative post. I may not be familiar with some terms. I am not that online savy but who knows can be at it someday.

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