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Long Game - Win $1,000


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Hey everyone!

I was inspired by Fergal over at ForumCoin of a ForumCoin like this. Figured I would create our own here at RIF

The idea is simple. For every milestone we hit, I will draw a user who has replied to this thread to win prizes corresponding to our milestone. However, in order to reply to this thread, it will cost you $0.10! The more you reply, the better chance you have of winning.

The Long Game:
100k Posts - $10 - Hit! Jan 25th, 2023 - Winner: @Starmix
250k Posts - $20
500k Posts - $40
750k Posts - $80
1 Million Posts - $100

The Super Long Game:
2.5 Million Posts - $150
5 Million Posts - $200
10 Million Posts - $200
20 Million Posts - $200

- You can enter as many times are you like
- However, you can't enter twice in a row. Your post will auto merge. You have to wait for someone else to enter before entering again.
- Winning one prize does not disqualify you from winning the next.
- This is in the Forum Games section, so there is no minimum words or quality needed for a post.

Current Statistics:
100,000 Posts
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