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Info RIF Points Adjustment - MUST READ

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Unfortunately, yes. Our ad account is suspended until October 30th. I have already submitted an appeal, but it was immediately denied. I have applied to various other platforms in hopes of having something with a lower minimum cash-out amount. Just continue to hold with us and I'm sure this will be resolved sooner than later.
Oh wow, really sorry to hear that. Well we would keep playing our part and hope everything is sorted out sooner. Keep up the good work.


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So what could be the fate of the site. The pay rate is almost halfway cut.
The site isn't going anywhere. Lower payments are necessary to maintain website stability and still pay our members. As soon as we find a new revenue source our pay will increase again.


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This thread may be rather long, so I do apologize in advance, but it does contain some very necessary information, so please be sure to read it all the way through.
As most of you are already aware, our Google Adsense account was temporarily suspended after reaching $70 in revenue. With this being said, all member cash-out requests have been processed using my personal funds and not the advertisement revenue. Therefore, to maintain website stability and to ensure that I can continue to pay you guys, we have had to make some temporary adjustments in regard to RIF Point crediting. As you are already aware, we were offering 10 RIF Points per post, and 15 RIF Points per thread, however, we are not able to offer this as of right now due to a lack of website revenue. This will not be permanent, but only temporary until we can work something out over the next couple of weeks to find a new revenue stream.

Here is how you will be credited as of now:

- Website News and Events (N/A)
- Member Affairs (Post: 5 / Thread: 10)
+ Cash Out Proof (Post: 2 / Thread: 25)
- Greetings Room (Post: 0 / Thread: 0)

- Advertisement Room (Post: 2 / Thread: 15)
- Website Happenings (Post: 2 / Thread: 15)
- Employment Hall (Post: 2 / Thread: 10)
+ Seeking Employment (Post: 2 / Thread: 10)
- Trade Station (Post: 2 / Thread: 5)
- The Market (Post: 5 / Thread: 15)

- Business Chat (Post: 10 / Thread: 15)
- Webmaster Central (Post: 10 / Thread: 15)

- Relaxation Room (Post: 2 / Thread: 7)
+ Technology & Gaming (Post: 2 / Thread 7)
+ TV, Movies, Music, & More (Post: 2 / Thread: 7)
+ Forum Games (Post: 1 / Thread: 3)

We know that the above information can be both frusterating and upsetting. However, just know that this is a way that we can continue to pay you guys in the midst of no website revenue. This is not permenent, but is only temporary until another mean of revenue is found. I wished that there was another way around this, but unfortunately there is not. We have applied to various advertisement platforms and are currently waiting to be approved.

Please let me know if you guys have any questions or concerns in regard to this change. I'll be happy to assist.
Thank you for the info. I will hangout in here because I feel relax and I like the community in here. Hope there's a solution as soon as possible.


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I have already redeemed $5 of PayPal cash but I have not been requested to enter my PayPal address how will you pay me and my Rif points have been debited?
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It's okay I think I can bear with the current situation at hand as for me. So long as a site is as transparent and legit as you are I can be loyal to it.
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And how much do you pay for a referral
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